Recycle your storage box with the Gimme 5 program

As many people know, most plastics are recyclable, just not in your area.  Some plastics have a high melting point and are, thus, difficult to recycle.  When this happens, recycling facilities won’t accept certain recycling numbers.  One of the hardest plastics to recycle are number 5  (PP) items.  These items are made from polypropylene, much like the majority of the C-Line product line.

The Gimme 5 recycling program is an initiative that helps consumers to recycle their rigid plastic, number 5 containers, such as yogurt cups and hummus tubs. Because many residential recycling programs don’t accept this type of plastic, they have designated certain retail locations for you to drop off your containers.  These locations include Whole Foods markets and select community co-op programs. If you don’t live near a participating location, the program also offers a mail return option.  Through the program, old containers are turned in such things as toothbrushes and razors.

Currently, the storage box is the only product we carry that is rigid enough for this program. When you have used your storage box for the last time, either consider donating it to a local Goodwill store or other local donation center, or turning it in to the Gimme 5 program. And hopefully, the program will be extended to include softer versions of polypropylene so you won’t have troubles recycling your sheet protectors, project folders, etc.

Again, happy Earth Day!

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  2. Mary Griffin Says:

    Recycling is very very important in order to preserve mother earth..’,

  3. Harvey Morris Says:

    we should always think about recycling our waste products to help the environment.;-“

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