Red Project Folders Help Subdivide Larger Files

In the past, I have used project folders as a way to organize documents that I am currently working on. The folders will typically store information for active projects, which I general will keep on my desktop. Throughout the office, many C-Line employees take the same approach.

Recently, I have had to refer back to many older files, which appear to be less organized then I would have liked. This ends up creating time for me as I flip through all the documents, and attempt to recall where the information is that I am looking for.

This has made me realize that I need to pay attention to how I am organizing older files. Instead of lumping all of the information into one thick file folder, I have decided to use the Recycled* Project Folders to essentially subdivide these larger files.

When it comes to the line of Recycled Project folders, there are four different colors to choose from: blue, clear, red and smoke. I have decided that I will utilize the red project folders. My main reason for selecting this folder is because I believe the color will stand-out the most when it is being stored among documents within a file folder.

C-Line's Recycled Project Folders, RedThe bright red color of the poly material easily stands out when stored among these files folders.

This polypropylene, letter-size folder will become home to what I consider to be the most important documents within each larger file. I have decided to include things such as meeting notes, progress reports and important emails within the project folder.

Often, this is the type of information I am looking for when referring back to older files, so organizing this way will reduce the amount of time it takes to locate these documents. Once I locate the file, the red color of the project folder immediately stands out.

The polypropylene material ensures that there will be no photocopy transfer from the documents to the folder, keeping them in their original state. The folder is sealed on two-sides, so it is easy to access files quickly or add paperwork, if needed.

Overall, I am glad I started using the project folders as more than just storing current project paperwork in them. Organizing old files with these folders have allowed me to refer back to these files and immediately know what the most important documents are.

How have your used the project folders in the past? Share with us below.

*This product contains at least 70% material diverted from the solid waste stream and meets the FTC definition of recycled. It may not meet your state’s definition of recycled.

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