Report Cover Creates Unique Study Tool

On the surface, Report Covers seem like a pretty normal product. They allow presentations or hand-outs to be created in minutes by simply inserting the report into the vinyl cover and sliding the binding bar across the cover to secure the documents in place.

Report Covers have long been used to organize everything from students’ book reports to clients’ annual reviews. Thanks to a customer, C-Line has been informed of another use for these traditional products.

Who knew a report cover could be used as a study tool? Our customer, an elementary school teacher, showed us exactly how she uses it in her classroom.

Essentially, the students are provided with a worksheet that is already filled out with the correct answers. The report cover is supposed to act like a shield by preventing the student from seeing the answers until they have completed the form themselves.

The trick is getting the answers on the worksheet to “disappear”, while the student is working on completing it. This is the genius part!

C-Line's Vinyl Report Covers with Binding BarsOn the left side of the report cover, the answers are hidden by the red vinyl material, but the right ride shows the answers.

The teacher used a pink marker to fill out the worksheet. Once placed inside the red report cover, the answers instantly disappeared, but the black ink used in the worksheet was still visible.

The study tool allows students to go through the homework and complete the answers on their own. Then go back and check their work in order to determine if they were correct or not. Students have the opportunity to quiz themselves without relying on parents or friends to work with them.

After running through the color assortment available for the Report Covers, I have concluded that the red and yellow covers work best for creating instant study tools. Each student has the ability to reuse one report cover for the entire school year, also making it a cost effective educational aid.

What are your thoughts on this unique use of our Report Covers? Share with us below!

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