Resolve to be organized with vinyl shop ticket holders

This time of the year is when people make resolutions to change something in their life – such as their exercise habit, diet, ability to be punctual, organizational skills, etc. But instead of resolving to change your entire life overnight, try to change something in one aspect of it. For instance, if you have an out-of-control shopping habit, start small and make a grocery list and vow to only shop from it while at the grocery store. Or do you need to be more organized? Start working on the new habit at work first. And what better way to organize at work than with vinyl shop ticket holders.

I’m always blogging about this item because it truly helps organize in so many aspects of the office. On the wall, next to a common area telephone, is a self-adhesive holder that displays the company directory. In our sample room, is a hanging shop ticket holder that holds a C-Line catalog for easy reference. All doors that lead to our manufacturing factory display a magnetic holder with a safety notice that the door must be shut at all times. The production department uses stitched holders throughout the facility, including hanging them at the machines, to hold our manufacturing shop orders.

As I am writing this post, Karmen, a co-worker, says you can also use the holders to be organized at home too, in case you want to begin your tidy resolution there.  She says, “Try using the smaller sized self-adhesive holders to organize your holiday decorations. A lot of people pack their decorations, gift wrap and everything else associated with the December holidays in boxes and bins, but never know what is in each one until they open them the following year. This way, you put the holder on the box, write what is in it on a sheet paper, slip the paper in the holder and now you will know what is inside.” Thanks for the tip Karmen!

Have you resolved to change something in your life in 2010? Don’t forget – when trying to change a habit about yourself, it is best to begin small and take it day by day. If you fall off track for one day, just start new the next day and don’t use it as an excuse to completely revert back to old ways. Good luck!

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