Reusable Envelopes Help Organize Vacation Home

Many of C-Line’s filing products can be used interchangeably. Where one person might decide to use project folders, another might pick a 7-pocket expanding file. Every situation and person is unique in how they stay organized.

After visiting a friend’s lake house this past weekend, I saw an interesting use of some Reusable Envelopes. To me, the string envelopes were a great place to store tax information, receipts and bills. I always envisioned them functioning at both the home and office, but always thought that they were used to store more official documents.

My friend, however, had a totally different take on this item. Since their lake house was owned by two different families and is rented by others, they wanted to provide information to their guests on the house and the surrounding area.

C-Line's Reusable Poly Envelope with String ClosureThe jewel tone color assortment that is available makes it easy to organize by color coding.

She used the Side Loading Reusable Envelopes with String Closures to store all the information she wanted to share with their house guests. Almost every room was assigned a different color envelope and stored specific information.

Here is the type of information that was stored in each room of the house.

  • Kitchen: The blue envelope stored appliance information and manuals. Any maintenance reports were included in this folder, along with directions on how to appropriately “open” the house to prepare for your vacation. This room had a second envelope, which was clear in color. This envelope stored menus and restaurant information for local dining places.
  • Living Room: Since this was where the main TV was located, my friend compiled cable information, channel listing and a step-by-step guide on how to order movies through their system. This information was stored in an aqua envelope and was kept in a drawer with the remote.
  • Study: My friend figured that anyone new to the area would utilize the computer to learn about what is fun to do nearby. The purple folder stored brochures, maps and tourist guide information that they had collected over the years. It also included information about how to operate the computer, in case there were any problems.
  • Master Bedroom: Since the house was shared by two couples, they wanted to make sure copies of all the important house related information was kept at the house in case it was ever needed. The pink envelope stored all that information and was kept in a locked, fire safe box, since most of this information was for the owner’s eyes only.
  • Entry Way: Security information, spare keys and summer long beach passes were all stored in the smoke color reusable envelope. My friend’s thought was that this type of information was most useful as you were running out the door, so she wanted to make it the first thing available to her guests.

I was amazed by how much thought my friend had put into developing this system.

Who knew the polypropylene envelopes would be such a great tool around the house? The acid-free, archival quality material would ensure that there was no photocopy transfer, keeping the documents preserved and in their original state. The string tie closure provided extra security and made sure that the contents of the envelope did not fall out.

Overall, I would have to say the biggest benefit to using this product was that it was able to expand to accommodate new information. My friend encourages people to add to any of the files. If they went to a new water park, she asked that they leave a brochure in the “entertainment” envelope for future guests.

The Reusable Envelopes were the perfect tool to create such an organized system to share information with their house guests. Have you used these envelopes any time recently? If so, share with us what you used them for below.

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