Rigid vinyl sheet protectors stand at attention

Recently, I was chatting with a customer, who said she loved our vinyl sheet protectors. I asked “why?”. I was curious, since the poly protectors are the better selling item. Her answer – “the rigidity” of the vinyl page protectors.

vinyl sheet protectors

Vinyl sheet protectors are rigid to withstand being placed in an upright binder, making them ideal for musicians and teachers.

The customer is a musician and relied on a binder of music during her performances. The binder is always in a standing or tilted position, never flat on a table. Because the vinyl holders are more rigid than the poly sheet protectors, they don’t slip or curl when used in an upright position. The heavyweight vinyl sheet protectors allow her to easily see the music and quickly turn the page without a break in the performance.

This also got me thinking that the vinyl protector would be great for teachers, who store lesson plans in binders. While holding the binder in their hand or placing it on a podium during class, the sheet protectors would be rigid enough to not droop or slump down, making seeing the lesson easier to see.

For added convenience, the vinyl sheet protectors are available in top loading or side loading styles.

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