Say Goodbye to Extra Clutter

In my previous blog, I talked about how I’ve been laminating everything I can get my hands on. Well, one important thing I’ve laminated is my New Year’s resolutions for 2018. Hopefully everyone is still going strong with theirs! If not, it’s a great time to pick back up. One big resolution this year is learning when to get rid of non-essentials items. This can be hard; therefore, I decided to start small. The other day I was rearranging my living room and I noticed my DVD collection is so big even though I hardly ever grab a DVD off the shelf to watch anymore. All these DVD’s in their cases take up so much room and I always think it’s such a waste of space! I have shelves full of DVD’s and Blu-rays and would love to store them all in a box in my closest. However, it would be a pain to sort through all the DVDs if I ever want to watch any old classics. C-Line to the rescue! C-Line’s Refillable CD/DVD Organizer Case gives you the best of both worlds!

C-Line's Refillable CD/DVD Organizer CaseSaving shelf space by using C-Line’s Refillable CD/DVD-Organizer Case to organize Blu-rays.

Now that I store all my CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays in my organizer case I have all the individual DVD and CD cases in a box in my closet, which has cleared up an entire shelf in my living room. I’m happy to have all that space! Instead of scanning all the box sets, I can hand my friends the organizer case and tell them to find a movie. This is also a fantastic way to make your media mobile. Now I don’t have to choose between a couple favorite movies from my collection to take to Grandma’s house (she doesn’t have internet, just a DVD player). I can bring them all. I know this is no revelation, but sometimes we forget simple solutions that can help us achieve great results. My house is less cluttered and I’m one step closer to achieving my New Year’s Resolution of being better at decluttering. It’s no more complicated than that!

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