Security Wristbands are Economical Choice for Event Crowd Control

Taking on the task of planning an event can be strenuous and, at times, seem like quite an undertaking. Planning anything from the company’s Christmas party to a second grade field trip requires a great deal of planning. Every detail must be thought through and considered to ensure that the event is organized.

Considering how to manage the event’s attendees is a big aspect of being prepared. How will you ensure that all students are present? What is the best way to identify who is allowed into an event?

It is possible to use everything from name badges to security bands as a way to identify individuals. C-Line’s DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands are ideal for event planners because they offer an economical solution to crowd control.

C-Line's DuPont Tyvek Security WristbandsTake a look at an example of how the wristband can be labeled for student field trips.

Since C-Line added the bands, I have become more aware of how valuable they can be.

After recently attending a large event, I noticed that the organizers utilized colored wristbands as a way to identify attendees. Those who signed up for the event were provided with yellow bands prior to attending the event. Wearing the bands was an easy way to signify to security and wait staff at the event that you were an approved guest.

The bands, which are available in five different colors, are sequentially numbered, which allows them to be tracked.  The colors, on the other hand, can be utilized to signify different things.

For example, a school could use multiple colors during a field trip to mean different things. Colors could be sorted by teacher, so chaperons would know what classroom a student belongs to. Bands can be used to identify what lunch choice students picked to avoid any confusion.

Red wristbands might mean that a child has an allergy, so in an emergency situation, any adult would be aware of a potential problem. Teachers or parents can write instructions directly on the wristband to alert other of what should be done.

The wristbands are 10” long, but have the ability to be sized to fit any size wrist. One side of the band has an adhesive strip that will secure the wristband in place. To use, simply peel back the liner, wrap the band around the wrist and adhere to the other side.

The DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands can be used in an endless number of situations, making them a beneficial product to have on-hand when planning any type of event. Have you used the wristbands in the past? Share with us your experience below.

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