Self-Adhesive Holder Professionally Displays Flyers

As with any job, working in the office product industry has made me more aware of how others stay organized in the workplace. Now, I notice everything from the type of sheet protectors being used in restaurant menus to name badges handed out at events.

It is interesting to take note of how and why people use specific types of office products. Occasionally, there have been times when I see a product in use and know that using a different product would be much more beneficial.

C-Line's Self-Adhesive Vinyl Shop Ticket HolderThe lightweight sheet protector fails to sufficiently display the flyer.

One particular instance of this occurred last week while I was at a restaurant. In the bathroom stalls, the restaurant posted a weekly flyer that advertised their upcoming specials and live entertainment to look forward to. The location was certainly convenient and it was a good place to share that type of information.

The only issue I had was that the flyer had been placed in a thin sheet protector and taped to the stall. The document did not appear to be secured at all. The tape looked tacky, and was not strong enough to hold up the sheet protector. In one stall, there was a corner that had come free from the tape and was bent down, so you could not even see the flyer.

While I understood the idea behind the restaurant using the sheet protector, I knew that C-Line’s Self-Adhesive Vinyl Shop Ticket Holders would have worked much better. The heavyweight vinyl holders provide a level of durability that the thin sheet protector could not. The flyer was provided with additional protection to ensure that it remained intact throughout the week.

C-Line's Self-Adhesive Vinyl Shop Ticket HolderHere is the self-adhesive holder being put to work!

The best part of this shop ticket holder was the self-adhesive backing. Once the white backing paper is peeled off, the holder can be applied to any flat surface. It is secured easily to the stall, while still allowing the document to be switched out, if needed.

Not only does the job ticket holder provide convenient, secure storage, but it also has a cleaner, more professional look when in use. Have you used the Self-Adhesive Shop Ticket Holder in the past? Share with us what you used it for below.

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