Sheet protector with color brings order to your binders

What can I say about a sheet protector that I have not already told you all? Well, there is one thing that I can think of – COLOR. Have you met the color varieties of the top loading sheet protector? That’s right, for extra organization and filing, there is the full colored sheet protector and colored edge sheet protector.

Full Colored for effective categorization

Colored Sheet Protector
Colored sheet protectors offer all of the benefits of a  top loading polypropylene protector, but come in full color to aid in organization.

These color protectors are great for organizing different sections in a binder. Each top loading sheet protector is a different color (red, yellow, green, blue, clear), letting you easily color code your materials for fast retrieval. Also, they are made from polypropylene meaning photocopies won’t stick. One more added benefit to the colored style – we have learned that some people find that certain colors, like blue, enhance readability, especially for individuals with reading difficulties.

Colored Edge for efficient organization

Colored Edge Sheet Protector
Colored edge sheet protectors allow you to easy identify the contents of your binder, without flipping through every page.

The colored edges are another fabulous way to sort and organize your documents. The outside binder edge is colored for fast identification. Use them to denote the start of a new binder section, or task and project records. Like the colored sheet protectors, these are polypropylene meaning that they are acid-free and archival quality.

Use the two different types of color sheet protectors alone or together for a organizational one-two punch! And if you missed any of the previous postings about these handy holders, check out the sheet protector postings page.

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