Sheet Protectors Help Identify Documents in Poly Portfolios

Traditionally, sheet protectors serve one main purpose, which is to provide document storage in three-ring binders. However, what if the document holder was used to organize portfolios so that more important information could be easily identified?

If you’ve read our blog before, then you may be aware that I am currently enrolled in graduate school. Last semester, I used binders and tried to color code my course material by using sheet protectors to organize all the information in one central location. However, for my spring courses, I decided to stick with the basic Poly Portfolio when it comes to storing hand-outs from professors.

Usually midway through the semester, my folder begins to become quite full, and it takes a while to locate paperwork we have received at the beginning of the course such as the professors’ contact information, class syllabus and other assignment information. I figured that there has to be a more efficient way of storing these pages in order for them to be more accessible within my folder.

C-Line's Heavyweight Sheet ProtectorDocuments about course information are placed in sheet protectors then secured in a portfolio by using prongs.

So, I opted for C-Line’s Poly Portfolio with Prongs. Although I had never thought of it before, the prongs could be beneficial when combined with a heavyweight sheet protector. My general course information was all put into sheet protectors to both protect the documents and also allow the pages to stand out.

Since the document holder is made of acid-free, archival quality polypropylene, I did not have to worry about the copy smearing or sticking to the sheet protector. Additionally, the portfolio still served the same purpose of holding all of my course hand-outs and keeping all the material together.

I have grown to like this so much that I have even printed out the “To Do” template, which is located on the C-Line website. This is placed in a sheet protector at the beginning of the course information. I have essentially summarized what is expected of my for the entire semester, so that I have a quick guide to upcoming presentations, papers and even tests.

For both the fall and spring semester, I have utilized two very different methods to keep me organized throughout my program, while also protecting important documents. I can’t say that I prefer one over another, but both ways have gotten the job done!

What do you use C-Line’s sheet protectors for? Share with us below!

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