Shop Ticket Holder Becomes Junk Drawer Organizer

In some form or another, I am willing to bet that everyone has a junk drawer of sorts. Typically located in the kitchen, the junk drawer is a convenient location to toss items that don’t really have an assigned location. Instead, they get mixed in with various other random items, and any attempt at being organized goes out the window.

Recently, I have used C-Line’s Two Pocket Shop Ticket Holder to organize this drawer and free up some kitchen space.

Traditionally, shop ticket holders are used in rough, industrial environment settings. Since they have stitched edges and rigid vinyl, they can withstand tougher conditions, while still protecting documents, such as work orders or production schedules.

C-Line's Two-Pocket Shop Ticket Holder

Since the shop ticket holder is clear on both sides, it makes it very easy to locate specific items.

I opted to take the durable holder to the kitchen for an alternative way to organize.

After starting to sort through the contents of my junk drawer, I discovered that there was actually some valuable information that deserved to be more available. Things like appliance’s warranty information, operating manuals and restaurant menus were things I wanted to have better access to.

The shop ticket holder is divided into two pockets, which makes organizing materials very easy. I decided to store appliance information in the large 9” x 12” pocket, while placing all of my menus in the front 9” x 6” pocket. The black stitched edges and heavyweight vinyl material makes the holder a suitable match for my growing collection of local restaurant menus.

The beauty of the shop ticket holder was that I had the ability to hang it up wherever I wanted. The holder has a stitched hanging strap, in addition to an eyelet at the top so there was freedom in how I chose to hang it. I decided to place it on the inside of the pantry door. To me, it was an easy place to locate the information, but it still kept it out of sight.

My kitchen is not very large, so any space I can save by reorganizing is an added bonus. Using the two-pocket shop ticket holder allowed me to free up drawer space, while making information more readily available when it’s needed.

There are various other ways this multifunctional shop ticket holder can come in handy. How would you use it at the office or at home? Comment below and let us know.

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