Shop Ticket Holder Identifies Cooler Content for BBQ

Happy Fourth of July to all of C-Line’s blog readers!

I don’t know about you, but I am not letting this mid-week holiday stop my plans to celebrate Independence Day in its entirety. This year, we have decided to host a daytime BBQ for all of our friends and family.

Since the weather forecast shows clear skies, we are hoping to keep everyone outside and enjoying our lovely Chicago weather. This past week I have begun all of the prep work that goes into any party. Shopping, cleaning and set-up – such fun!

C-Line's Self-Adhesive Shop Ticket HolderHere is a cooler for our Fourth of July BBQ with labels displaying what’s in it.

Yesterday, we began setting up our coolers and tables for where the food and drinks will go. Since we are hosting quite a few people, we had to use more than one cooler. I thought it would be a cute idea to label the coolers, so that our guests knew what beverages were stored in which cooler. This would help to avoid people shuffling pop cans and ice around in search of their desired drink.

Of course, I went into the C-Line’s sample room for some guidance. At first, I considered using one of our Self-Adhesive Name Badges. The badges would be able to stick to the top of the cooler and I could write directly on it. The only issue is that the badges would not be reusable or removable once placed on the cooler.

After searching some more, I came across C-Line’s Self-Adhesive Vinyl Shop Ticket Holder. The heavy duty vinyl holder comes in four different sizes, ranging from business card size to a 9” x 12” option. This makes it a viable option to use for labeling the coolers regardless of their size.

So, how will it work for my unique situation? I choose to use the 5” x 8” holder so it would fit nicely on top of the cooler. After peeling back the white backing paper, I applied the holder to the flat surface of the cooler.

I created a label using Microsoft Word on my computer. Nothing too fancy, but I was able to easily list the contents of each cooler. Once the page was cut to the size of the holder, I inserted it into the holder.

The best part is that the inserts and labels have the ability to change, but the holder can always remain in place. Who would have thought a Self-Adhesive Shop Ticket Holder could make such a successful, not to mention reusable, “Cooler Label Holder”?!

Have you used any of C-Line’s items to help out at home? Share with us below.

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