Shop Ticket Holders Valuable on Construction Site

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to view a friend’s house that is currently undergoing construction. As with any construction project, there is the need to have permits and undergo inspections.

As we went through the house, I noticed that the builders had put to use some of C-Line’s shop ticket holders.

The first one that I noticed was the Welded Vinyl Shop Ticket Holder. Throughout the house, the builders had used the holder to hang up various pieces of information such as copies of final inspections and schedules. Because of the ticket holder’s eyelet, it made it easy to attach it to a wooden beam or temporary door.

This kept information visible to all contractors throughout the process. In addition, the documents were always on hand in case there was any discrepancy over an inspection.

The other C-Line product at work was the Self-Adhesive Vinyl Shop Ticket Holder. In order to display building permits at all times, the holder was affixed to the front window. Once applied to a dry, clean, flat surface, documents were prominently displayed and visible to anyone who may enter the house.

Curious of the product choice, I asked the builder why he had chosen to use the products. Apparently, the major benefit provided for this particular circumstance was that the contents of the holder were protected. Being in a rough environment, the documents would normally become stained or damaged without the shop ticket holder.

By using both the Self-Adhesive and Welded Vinyl Ticket Holder, the builder was able to display important information. This allowed for contractors to be mindful of inspection dates, even when the builder may not be on site.

I was impressed by the organization of the builder. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone so I do not have a picture of the shop ticket holder at the construction site. My apologies.

C-Line’s Shop Ticket Holders can be useful in a variety of circumstances and environments. How do you use them? Share with us below.

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