Simple Laminating Ideas that Only Takes Seconds

Photos are not the only products that need to be protected. Paper products are used more in our daily life and without them they can impact our work or effect our routines. Therefore, it is important to make sure documents are protected. C-Line’s Cleer Adheer® Laminating Film line not only does the trick, but can also save you time because it’s so quick and does not require heat!

The laminating film comes in a variety of styles and sizes that can accommodate different sizes of paper. Let me show you C-Line’s 5 tips on how to keep your papers from being damaged!

1. Luggage Tag: Create a not so ordinary luggage tag with the Cleer Adheer® Luggage Tag either by finding colorful tags that are printable online or hand draw a piece of art that can help you identify your luggage. Then, insert it into the pocket and remove the adhesive. Check out how our employee used it for her gym bag.

C-Line's Super Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag with Straps Be creative with the two-sided luggage tag to make it stand out more. 

2. Keep Memories Forever: Memorable events happen everyday, simply peel the adhesive backing of the 4 x 5 Heavyweight Cleer Adheer® Laminating Film and proudly place it onto a small newspaper clipping to store memories.

C-Line's Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Laminating SheetsStick the laminating film to a newspaper or art clipping and trim it to preferred size.

3. Dry Erase Organizer: Make a quick DIY dry erase organizer by first creating an easy list such as “Shopping List”, “To Do List” etc. The next step is the easiest. Insert your paper list into the pocket, peel off the adhesive and viola you have a dry erase organizer sheet. Now you can use this DIY organizer over and over again.

C-Line's Super Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Quick Cover Laminating PocketsInsert a “To Do List”,  a “Shopping List” or any other paper in the pocket to create a temporary dry erase board. 

4. Wall Art: Is your office looking boring, but you don’t want to spend extra money on décor? Print out letter size designs or motivational quotes and stick them on to the 9 x 12 Heavyweight Laminating Sheet, trim them if needed and hang them up. Isn’t it that so simple?

C-Line's Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Laminating SheetsLaminate pretty pictures or inspirational quotes to keep the work environment positive.

5. Charms: Have irregular shaped items? Use the Cleer Adheer Laminating Roll and cut it into the shape you desire. As seen in the picture, I have already cut a piece of the roll and laminated some flowers. Then, I used a hole puncher and punched the top of the art pieces and strung them altogether with a lanyard. Don’t be scared to be creative! You can laminate flower petals, leaves, colorful wrapping paper and  more.

C-Line's Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Laminating Film RollDon’t worry about unique shaped art designs,  use the laminating roll.

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