Slider Pencil Case Used to Store More Than Just Pencils

Recently, a coworker shared with me a use they found for the Slider Pencil Case. He started to use it for storing loose paper clips. Since these items are so small, it can sometimes seem like you lose track of them or they get scattered easily around a desk drawer.

To avoid wasting paper clips, this C-Line employee ended up storing all the clips in the poly case. The slider case is a compact and secure place to store these small items. Having one location makes it easy to avoid misplacing paper clips.

After speaking with this employee, it got me wondering how else this pencil case could be used beyond the obvious use of storing writing instruments. I decided to test out this item to use inside my gym bag as an organizer of miscellaneous products.

C-Line's Slider Pencil Case, AssortedSince the pencil case can slide open, the contents become easily accessible.

Since my gym bag does not have any interior pockets, many of the smaller items are left loose inside the bag. It will often take me a long time to locate my cell phone, keys and other items. I thought that storing these types of items inside the Slider Pencil Case would make them easier to find.

The first day I tested out the case, I completely filled it with everything from earphones to Chap Stick. Anything that I would typically use on a normal trip to the gym was included and easily fit. I even added some jewelry to the case once I got to the gym. Once I secured the pencil case with the snap closure, I tossed it into the bag, knowing that everything would remain protected.

When I needed something from the bag, it was so beneficial having everything in one area instead of rummaging through the entire bag. Since the case had the ability to slide open, I could grab what I needed without having to take anything out of the case. Additionally, the translucent poly material made it easy to see exactly where everything was located.

I have continued to utilize the pencil case holder as a way to store miscellaneous items. It has worked out so well when I go to the gym that I now have a second pencil case for my everyday purse. Similar to when the item is used to store pencils and other writing utensils, the Slider Pencil Case is great for grouping items together and keeping them organized.

Have you used the pencil holder in an unusual way in the past? If so, share with us your experience below.

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