Small Laminating Film Protects Photos Stored on Fridge

Some people prefer to leave their refrigerator free from any type of clutter. Then there are people like me, who use their fridge to store all types of information. Menus, coupons, calendars and family photos can all be found on my fridge.

I especially like to display photos on the fridge. It is a nice way to show current pictures without having to update all of the frames throughout the house. There does come one danger with storing photos this way.

Since the kitchen is a busy place in any household, the pictures will occasionally fall, causing them to be become slightly damaged over time. I do like to rotate pictures, so once they are outdated I typically put them in an album. Since I save them, I would prefer to minimize any type of damage to the pictures, while still being able to display them.

C-Line has many types of photo storage products, but most work best if the pictures are being stored in some type of an album. Ideally, I wanted to use some product that could provide extra protection so that the picture would remain, intact while it was being stored.

C-Line's Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Laminating Film, 4 x 5This photo is laminated and is being attached to the fridge by the magnet.

The product that worked the best was the Cleer Adheer® Laminating Sheets that were 4 x 5 in size. The heavyweight material provided that layer of protection that I was looking for. The size of the laminating sheets is perfect for displaying our cousins’ school pictures, which primarily cover my fridge.

The laminating sheets are so easy to use that it did not take a lot of time to laminate all the pictures. Two 4 x 5 sheets are required for each image. I peeled off the backing of one sheet and placed the picture directly on the sticky side of the page. Then I took the second sheet and lined it up before sealing the image.

A little trick to laminating is to use a ruler to seal the two sheets together. This will also help to make sure the sheets adhere to each other smoothly and without air bubbles.

Once the photo is laminated, you are able to cut the laminate material to size it up to your photo. Once complete, the photos are ready to be put back on the fridge. Now if the photos fall, they will not risk being bent, damaged or stained by anything that could cause harm.

It is important not to laminate your only copy of the image. While the laminating film works great to reduce damage when photos are being displayed, there is no guarantee that the photo will go unharmed if the film is removed.

This is why I will put the old photo directly into an album, keeping the laminate film on it. This will eliminate any potential damage that might occur while removing the laminate film. In addition, it will continue to provide additional protection for the images, even will they are stored in a photo album.

So what do you think of the way I utilized the 4 x 5 Laminating Sheets? Any thoughts on how you would use them? Share with us below.

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