Spring Cleaning with Durable Write-on Filing Jackets

Spring cleaning can already be a hectic job, with organizing papers that are scattered all over your desk on top of your task can make you dread your spring cleaning even more. The fact that most standard file folders look alike adds to this repetitious process. If only there were a product that could make this job easier and more interesting… Wait! C-Line’s Write-on File Jackets are here to rescue you from the boredom of filing. These file jackets are super durable and are designed to keep you super organized.

C-Line's Write-on File JacketsHere is an unorganized and cluttered desk area that is in need of Write-On File Jackets to sort papers.

No need to worry about weak file folders that can’t stand up to the task. These mighty Write-on File Jackets are made of acid-free poly material making them super strong and able to hold up under the toughest challenges. Documents will always remain safe and secure because the folders are sealed on three sides and have the amazing ability to expand up to a full inch. Say bye-bye to unorganized and dusty files.

C-Line's Write-on File JacketsWrite-on File Jackets can be paired with file racks which makes it  even more easier to read the front panel.

All your letter-size documents will never be lost or overlook again and add more spring colors to your office space. The folders come in six assorted colors: amber orange, lime green, charcoal gray, raspberry red and steel blue. These colors will enhance your ability to color code your work, which in turn, will give you lightning speed in organizing your work. It has a v-cut front that also allows for easy access to your precious documents.

C-Line's Write-on File JacketsPortable and lightweight, Write-on File Jackets are perfect for people on-the-go.

Choose a scribing tool and identify your folder. With this folder’s unique write on technology, all documents can be easily identified by writing on the full-length tab. Use a pencil, ball-point pen, or permanent marker to label your work. In addition to the full-length tab, this incredible product allows you to write on the front lined panel. Never again will your documents be in jeopardy of being lost in the shuffle of papers. Relax, C-Line is always on the job looking for incredible ways to make your life easier. Let us know how C-Line’s Write-on File Jackets helped you during spring cleaning in the comments below.

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