Starting 2018 on a “Roll”!

We are officially into 2018 and hopefully by now everyone is settled back into a routine. Normally around this time of year I have a full list of to-dos. However, my paper to-do lists are already bent and crumbled. It drives me crazy! If I had a laminating machine, I would laminate everything. But those can be costly. I’m in luck though and so is anyone else who shares my pain. C-Line’s do it yourself Cleer Adheer Laminating Film is perfect for this situation.

C-Line's Cleer Adheer Laminating FilmMy friend’s college schedule and the to-do list that I have laminated.

I got the idea when I made my weekly/daily routine. I do this for work too! It helps keep me on track and it helps me not forget what I need. I usually stick it on my refrigerator, so I see it in the morning when I’m grabbing water before I head out for work and at night when I’m cooking dinner. I even laminated my grandma’s phone list. She refuses to keep contacts in her phone. Oh grandma! But since this idea sparked, I realized just how many things that are perfect for this laminating film. I’ve laminated some of my favorite photos. I laminated some personal documents. I even help laminate my friend’s college schedule, so her roommates know where she is in case of emergency.

C-Line's Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Laminating Film RollA coworker laminating her child’s picture for her key ring. What a fun trick!

C-Line has a couple of different laminating film products, one that I have found particularly useful is the Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Laminating Film Roll. It’s a big size so you can laminate anything! Plus, you can cut it any shape and size for your custom needs. It has really got me motivated to clean out my desk at home and ensure that all my valuable documents are safe from spills, bends, and tears. Here’s an extra fun trick, laminate an embarrassing pocket photo of your brother, sister, son or daughter and leave a little extra film on the sides and use a hole punch so that grandma can put the photo on her key ring, so she can take it where ever she goes. But beware, retaliation is sure to come! Happy Laminating!

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