Store family history in your legal size sheet protectors

Think legal size sheet protectors are only to be used for the more traditional legal documents, such as contracts and real estate transactions? Well, think again because these poly protectors are also perfect for storing genealogical data too!

Many family history documents, such as birth, death and marriage certificates are over-sized and cannot be comfortably stored in the more-commonly-found letter size sheet protectors. But they fit safely and snugly in the legal size holder.

The heavyweight legal size holders are made from acid-free, archival quality polypropylene, which many people find extremely important for these type of historical documents. The page protectors offer permanent storage with no danger of inks, toners, colors and other materials “lifting” off the stored pages and sticking to the plastic.

Finally, because the protectors are punched for 3 and 4 ring legal binders, you are able to neatly organize the records into any binder of your choosing. When you need a particular document, simply turn the page to the record you are looking for and either take the entire protector out or slip the paper out of the holder.

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