Store Maintenance Schedules in Garage for Convenience

As the New Year begins, resolutions are made in hopes of improving on habits in 2012.  Getting things organized at home and at the office is a common goal when starting a new year. Whether it’s organizing paper work or developing a new system to keep track of things, life can be made much easier by maintaining order.

Products like poly portfolios or expanding files serve an obvious purpose in the realm of organization. However, C-Line has several products that can be beneficial when used in a nontraditional way.

C-Line's Industrial Zipper Seal Shop Ticket Holder

Home maintenance schedule can easily by hung up because of the eyelet located at the top of the Zipper Shop Ticket Holder.

Typically, Zippered Shop Ticket Holders are used in industrial environments because they have the ability to withstand rough conditions. However, these holders can be a very valuable tool by using them at home in your own garage.

In keeping with the theme of organization for the New Year, what could be better than creating a way to document and store a home maintenance or machine tune-up schedule? Logically speaking, the garage is the best location since that is typically where people store their tools and machines.

This particular holder is ideal for this type of environment since it has a zipper closure, which prevents the information or schedule from becoming damaged by dirt or moisture. It is made of welded vinyl and comes in two Sizes, 9 x 12 and 8 1/2 x 11. The super heavyweight vinyl material makes the holder durable and able to withstand industrial-like conditions.

Additionally, the holder is a great place to store warranties and manuals for items like lawn mowers and snow blowing equipment. It keeps them accessible to an individual without having to waste time searching through files and documents in the house to answer a simple operational question.

Since the shop ticket holder comes with an eyelet, it can easily be hung up in any available location throughout the garage. This makes information more readily available.

Tell us what your thoughts are! How would you use the Zippered Seal Shop Ticket Holder at home or at the office? Comment below and let us know.

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