Student Work Stored in Organized Report Cover

This week’s blog topic is report covers and while brainstorming, I discovered a unique way to use the report covers outside of its typical use.

While C-Line has many different styles of report covers, the Vinyl Report Cover with Binding Bar is undoubtedly the most traditional. This product has become an office must-have primarily because it creates professional presentations or hand-outs in minutes.

C-Line's Vinyl Report Covers with Binding BarsTake a look at the customized cover pages I made for each report cover!

I appreciate this product’s value in the workplace, but I knew it could be a beneficial item at home. Although there are numerous things it could be used for, I thought about it being used to store student’s work over the course of multiple grades.

While I was growing up, my parents enjoyed saving random school work that I completed from pre-school on. It is fun to look back on these items, so creating a storage system would allow these precious materials to be protected and organized.

First, it is ideal to use a different report cover for every grade. By creating a cover page or writing directly on the report cover it will help identify when the child completed it. Parents can choose what they want to keep throughout the year and keep adding to the report cover.

Since the sliding bar is removal, individuals can sort through pages and add or delete documents as necessary. Each clear cover has a white bar that is 1/8 inches in size. The benefit to the size is that it will limit how many documents can be stored, which avoids saving too much.

The cover is made for letter size document storage, which should work with the majority of assignments and projects that students will bring home. Additionally, the durable vinyl material ensures that documents are well protected, while being stored.

Using this system will allow parents to capture their students work throughout their grade school lives. It is a fun way to look back on how far they have come, while being able to reminiscence.

What are your thoughts on my use of C-Line’s Report Covers in the home? Is it a helpful way to store valuable documents that you would use? Share with us your thoughts below!

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  1. Kathryn Morley Says:

    With four kids and lots of paperwork to organize, we use C-Line’s Report Covers for EVERYTHING!

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