Students Enjoying Spring Time Fun with Security Wristbands

How are you enjoying the Spring weather office supply fans? With the weather getting warmer, there has been more social events such as company outings, field trips, concerts, etc. One of our customers, who is a teacher, used C-Line’s DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands with his students while they were outside playing. They are the perfect way to identify which student belongs to which team.

C-Line's DuPont Tyvek Security WristbandsStudents splitting into teams using the Security Wristbands.

Sequenced: The bands are sequentially numbered, which enables crowd control. Teachers can keep track of every individual to ensure students’ safety.

Color: The wristbands come in 6 vibrant colors- green, red, blue, yellow, purple and orange being our latest color addition to the wristband family. The assorted colors not only allow the teacher to create different groups, but also add some fun and even possibly stimulate learning.

Waterproof: While the teacher and his students were playing, they did encounter some April “drizzles”, but the energy was high and the Tyvek material wristband was able to resist the water and hold up like a champ on the kids’ hands.

C-Line's DuPont Tyvek Security WristbandsStudents wearing the assorted color DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands.

Adhesive: The 10” long band has a peel-off adhesive liner that can wrap around the wrist and stick to the other side of the wristband. With the length of the wristband, students were able to adjust the tightness of the band around their wrists. The teacher has also mentioned it was so easy to use that some of the students put it on by themselves.

Single-use: After class ended, the teacher removed the wristband off the students’ wrists by simply cutting it off. Of course, some students left it on as a souvenir because of the vibrant color. Plus, it’s so lightweight that some forgot it was still on!

When is your next event? Thinking about using C-Line’s DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands? They are perfect for any occasion. Get yours now!

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