Students Uses Zippered Badge Holder to Store Coins

It is sometimes fun to look at the unique ways our customers use our products. Not only does it highlight the benefits of our items outside of the office, but it also shows how versatile our products can be.

Recently, I had a customer explain to me how she used the Zippered ID Badge Holders. The unusual application of the product became quite popular at her son’s school, so I decided to share how this elementary school mom uses this badge holder.

The idea first came to her when her son complained about not having any money for the vending machines during lunch or after school. Even though he claimed to have no change, she would regularly find money scattered among his book bag, jacket and lunch box.

C-Line's Zippered Badge HoldersHere is how the holder can be attached to the bag’s inner pocket for safe storage.

To help consolidate all of his change, this mom looked for a simple way to store her son’s funds. Being younger, many students didn’t carry a wallet or a purse, so she wanted to find something he could attach to his book bag or store in his lunch box to make sure the money was in one place.

After coming up with many different ideas, this individual decided that the Zippered ID Badge Holder would be a great tool to use for her son. The durable material makes it capable of surviving the rough conditions of any 4th graders backpack, while the size makes it a compact option that didn’t take up too much space.

Here are a few other reasons why this mom decided on using the badge holder for money storage.

  • Zippered Seal: Unlike other badge holders, the zipper will secure the money inside the holder.
  • Top Edge Pre-Punched: The holder can be attached to a strap clip or card reel that clips on to an inside pocket, instead of just being thrown into the bottom of a schoolbag.
  • Protective Holder: The PVC-free material and the zipper closure protect money from being damaged by dirt or moisture.
  • Small in Size: Our customer’s son can pick where he would like to store the holder. Also, he has the option to store it in his pocket when he goes to lunch, if he wants.
  • Clear Design: The holder is see-through on both sides, so this student can easily locate smaller coins by visibly seeing where they are being stored.

What a great way to use the ID badge holders! The zippered seal edge certainly makes it a secure place for coin storage.

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