Super Heavyweight Sheet Protector Great for Musicians

Regardless of the type of sheet protector that’s used, they all still do the same basic function, which is to protect the document inside the holder.

This category does, however, provide you with a lot of variations and choices, making it easy to select the most appropriate holder for the job at hand. Although there is a wide selection of choices, some sheet protectors may be better equipped for specific situations.

C-Line's Super Heavyweight Vinyl Sheet ProtectorThe Super Heavyweight Vinyl Sheet Protector makes it easy to turn the page when playing the piano.

One situation in particular was recently brought to my attention by a friend, who is a musician. Being an avid pianist that regularly performs; his sheets of music are naturally of high importance to him.

Originally, he used the economy style sheet protector because he thought it would allow him to increase space in the binder so more music could fit. However, after playing with the music, he determined that the weight of the holder needed to be a thicker material to make it easier to flip the pages, while playing.

He recently began using C-Line’s Super Heavyweight Vinyl Sheet Protector, and is very pleased with the results.

Since the document holder is made from tough vinyl material, it makes it easy to quickly grab a hold of the page, while my friend plays the piano at the same time. The uniquely shaped corners also makes the page turn with ease, which allows him to avoid any interruption during his piece.

Additionally, he can rest assured knowing that his music pages will be preserved in the durable holders. Since they are made of super heavyweight material, the music sheets can now withstand regular usage without looking damaged.

These holders are able to be placed directly in a standard three-ring binder without hole punching the pages. Since they are pre-punched, simply place the music in the sheet protector and add it to your C-Line 1” Binder.

I thought this was a unique prospective on the Super Heavyweight Vinyl Holders. Do you use different sheet protectors for specific jobs? Share with us your experience below.

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