Support your favorite team with a color report cover

Even if you aren’t interested in football, admit it, you will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. You will be hosting or attending a viewing party, where you’ll eat way too much, over-analyze the commercials and rock out during the Black Eyed Peas halftime show.

While you are enjoying the final football game of the season, you can also stay organized and show your team support with a color report cover. I know it sounds completely crazy, off-the-wall and over-the-top, but, remember, I’m a bit of a Type A personality and organization is always on the brain!

Rooting for Pittsburgh? Keep your scorecard, stats and more in a smoke report cover.

Hoping that the Packers will win it all? Use a green report cover to guard your office football pool papers from spilling food and drinks.

Or, claim no team loyalty and choose the yellow cover. After all, this is the one common element for both teams.

color vinyl report covers

On game day, which color vinyl report cover will you choose
to show your team support?

And me, which color will I be using? I’ll still be showing support for the hometown team (even though they were this-close to playing in Sunday’s game) and using a blue report cover!

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