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Staying Organized! Top 3 Office Organization Tools

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Being new to the C-Line team, I have found myself having to take on new and different tasks than I have at previous jobs. In order to stayed organized still remain efficient while still learning; I rely on many systems for organization.

Top 3 Office Organizers

  1. Write-on Project FoldersWrite-One Project Folders – When working on a project, no matter how long- or short-term, I always accumulate a lot of notes, emails, papers and more that I need to go back to time and time again. When that happens, I take out a new Write-On Project Folder, label it with the project title, such “60th Anniversary”, and I am good to go. When finished, I can just file the folder away in my drawer, just like any other folder, and still have the label visible for quick access when I need it.
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