Tax Time Organization Made Possible by Write-On Folders

Ready or not—tax time is upon us! Regardless of how organized you have been in the past year, there is no time like the present to get all your paperwork organized prior to paying a visit to your accountant.

I have a tendency to think that how you organize is based on personal preference. Some people prefer using large files to loosely store documents, while others like to sort documents into folders and label everything. There is no right or wrong way to go about it, but it is important to use office items that can adapt to how you organize.

C-Line's Write-on project foldersThe first folder displays my tax plan so I don’t have to remove the document from the folder.

Using C-Line’s Write-On Project Folders will allow for some creative control when it comes to tax season preparation. Known for their folder-length tab, the document holder allows you to label folders with as much detail as you want. Be specific about what exactly is in the folder, or keep it short; the choice is yours.

When it comes to color, the project folders have a relatively neutral design. The front and back covers are clear, so documents within the folder can be seen without removing them. The front cover and side tab have a solid color border design around them. The letter-size folders come with an assortment of five color choices.

For individuals who like to use color as another tool to keep them organized and help identify specific paperwork, then the variety of primary colors available makes it easy to accomplish this. If color does not matter to you, it is easy to ignore the folder’s border and simply use the project folder as you normally would.

Since the folders can store up to 100 pages, you can chose to fit all your supplemental tax documents into one folder or decide to sort the information and split it up into numerous folders. Using multiple files allows you to utilize the larger tab by providing detailed information about the folder’s contents.

So, now that your documents have been organized, how will you transport them to the accountant? One option is to grab the folders and go! The heavyweight polypropylene has the ability to protect documents will being removed for the home office.

Another consideration is to store the project folders in one of C-Line’s document cases or expanding portfolios. Using an additional item to store all files will provide extra protection and help to hold everything together.

One of C-Line’s must versatile products, the Write-On Project Folders can cater to many different organizational styles. How to do get ready for tax time? Share with us below!

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