Teacher Explains How Sorter Keeps His Classroom Organized

A customer favorite, C-Line’s Sorter is a tool that many individuals use to organize their paperwork. The sorters have different labeling systems on them, so almost anyone can benefit from using it. It even comes in a left-handed version so everyone can easily file!

The sorter is also commonly used by teachers. Initially, I assumed teachers would organize homework and tests alphabetically within the sorter. Although that still would work, I have always wondered what would happen if there were 5 students with a last name ending in ‘C’.

Recently, a customer reached out and explained exactly how he utilized the sorter in his classroom.

C-Line's Left-Handed Sorters, All-PurposeStudents place their homework under the divider labeled with their assigned number.

Here is the step-by-step approach this teacher uses:

  1. At the beginning of the year, each student is assigned a number, 1 through 31, based on the order of their last name. Example: Lisa Allen is number 1 and Tim Zeph is number 31.
  2. Students turn all paperwork in by placing it in the sorter. Based on their assigned number, they will place the homework or quiz under the corresponding divider.
  3. Papers that are collected for grading are automatically in alphabetical order, making it easy to grade and record scores.
  4. When it is time to hand back graded assignments and tests, the teacher organizes it into the sorter based on the students’ numbers. For privacy, the pages are put facing down, than the students are allowed to pick up their grades.

Organizing by number is a perfect way for teachers to use this sorter. Not only does it keep the pages in alphabetical order, but it is easier for teachers to record grades.

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