Tent Card Holders Useful During a Gym Class at School

I love getting great blog post ideas from customers actually using our products. An elementary school gym teacher recently reached out to us to share his use of our Medium Style Name Tent Holder. In the past, we have talked about using the tent cards as place cards and menu displays, but this teacher provided us with another great use of this item.

Generally speaking, the name tent holders are used to display some type of information. This creative gym teacher decided to use the holders during circuit training for his students. Since the students were new to this type of training, the tent cards would help to identify what exercise would need to be done at each station.

Since C-Line’s website has templates available, it made it easy to create the circuit training tent cards. Once the template was downloaded, the teacher began adding images of the exercises, along with direction of what was expected out of each student. The images worked great because it provided a visual reference for the kids.

C-Line's Medium Scored White Name Tent CardstockHere is an example of the tent card. The exercises are explained by using images and directions.

The medium size has an embossed detailing on both sides of the card, which the teacher made sure to make a note of when creating the circuit card. Since there are two tent cards per page, the teacher had to use the perforated seams to help separate the cards. Since the card stock is scored, it makes it easier to fold.

Although the card stock is made of heavyweight material, the plastic tent holder provides an extra level of protection. In addition, it helps the tent cards stand upright so the information can be easily viewed. Once the card stock is secured in the rigid heavyweight holder, the teacher placed them throughout the gym and set-up the circuits.

The students love the circuit cards and they were able to get the idea of each station much quicker. Having an image along with the directions helped to explain what the child needed to do without direct instructions from the teacher.

Since the gym teacher works with various grades, there were some stations that had to be changed depending on the grade level of the students. Fortunately, the holder would not be affected by any changes. Instead, the gym teacher simply created new tent cards for those stations.When the classes changed, he would slide out the old card and replace it with the correct exercises, if needed.

The teacher’s use of the Medium Size Tent Holder is a creative approach to providing information to their students. What do you think of this type of use of the product? Share with us any of your exerperiences with the name tent holders.

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