Tent Cards Make a Formal Impression

With the help of the internet, Do-It-Yourself projects have become increasingly popular. Not only is it a way to add your personal touch to everything from your home décor to a formal event, but it can also be a way to keep expenses down.

Recently, I helped a friend host a formal gathering for a family member’s birthday. Since she was conscious of her budget, we looked for ways that we could add a touch of detail to the event without breaking the bank.

C-Line's Small Name Tent HolderTake a look at our formal birthday dinner place cards!

Turning to the internet for ideas, we came up with several ways to personalize her party. One idea that ended up being a hit with her guests was the customized place cards.

Since I was helping her plan, we enlisted C-Line’s Small Name Tent Holders in order to display all of the guests’ names, while helping to indicate where everyone should sit. Instead of just putting names on the card, we looked for ways to make them unique and even fun for the guests.

It was decided that we would use both sides of the name card. On one side, the guest’s name would be listed. Then, on the other side of the card, it would have a picture of the guest of honor with a fun fact about her.

The Name Tent Cardstock is perforated and scored for easy folding so they were very user friendly. We used the templates, located on C-Line’s website, to help us layout the place cards. Since the paper was 8 1/2 x 11 in size, I had no trouble printing out the cards.

Even though C-Line has three different sizes of tent cards, the smallest one was chosen to reduce the amount of table space it would take up. The plastic holder is the size of a standard business card. Since it is clear on both sides, the message can be visible on both sides of the tent card.

Last minute, we did decide to utilize the large tent holder in order to showcase the evening’s menu. It was a great way to let the guests know in advance what food they would be enjoying throughout the dinner.

The best part of this activity was that my friend can now reuse the card holders in the future. Making this DIY project a worthwhile investment!

Have you used C-Line’s name tent holders? Share with us your experience below!

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