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This past summer, I got married with a destination wedding to La Quinta, California. And although there were only 12 people in attendance, there was still a lot to coordinate, plan and keep track of. Everything went as scheduled and it was all because I was organized!

To help me keep straight all the various contracts, event orders, vendors and ideas, I used an Expanding File With Handles. This was the perfect organizational tool to keep different vendors’ information separate, but still be accessible in one convenient place. Also, the chic black exterior and handles meant I could carry everything I needed to all appointments and still look stylish, a very important factor for a bride-to-be.

Over the course of planning, I accumulated hundreds of papers, card, lists, samples, folders, menus, etc. that I did not need while in California, but still wanted to keep. I thought, “How am I going to easily carry this all with me?” I found the answer with a new Zip ‘N Go Portfolio, which allowed me the ability to carry all pertinent information – boarding passes, photographer contract, marriage license application, ceremony event order, and more – in one secure folder, sturdy folder. The folder got us to California for the ceremony, Hawaii for the honeymoon, and back, all with the headache of searching through numerous spots for the correct list or form.

Without the organization system I used for my wedding, I would not have been able to keep all the information in order and still enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

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