The deluxe vinyl project folder is rediscovered for office organization

Over the years, I have changed up my organization routine when new products are introduced to the line. I have fallen in love with write-on project folders, zip ‘n go expanding portfolios, and the expanding file with handles.  But recently, I rediscovered an older organizational product – the deluxe vinyl project folder.

Why do you I like this item?

Durability – The heavyweight vinyl holds up, even during my most rigorous projects. Not long ago, I was involved in a major project that required daily meetings to review multiple spreadsheets, data sheets, marketing materials and more.  The pile of paper got large fast, but the folder never faltered or ripped – it held strong throughout the entire duration. Plus, I like the non-glare, pebble-grain finish of the material.

Versatility – Being available in both letter and legal sizes helps to keep various materials organized. This versatility came in handy during that long project. A lot of the documents used were letter size, but there were a few spreadsheets that were so large, they need to be printed on legal size paper.  When that happened, I conveniently filed those papers in the larger folder. Sometimes, I put a smaller folder inside the larger one with the legal sized spreadsheets, if the contents were closely related.

Color – I love to organize by color, and when the project warrants that, I turn to the color backed version to lend some assistance. With folders available in black, red, green, blue and clear, I am able to color code my assignments. Again, with that recent project, there were many aspects to the overall project and I took advantage of the colors to help divide it up by task – black = website additions and revisions, green = new marketing materials, red = new packaging components, and on and on.

Last year, the write-on project folder was my favorite “new” product. With all the help these have given me lately, the deluxe vinyl project folder is my favorite “old” product!

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