The Holidays on a Budget

With the state of the economy right now, many people are starting to cut back in their gift spending. We all know that before you know it, all the gifts can certainly add up! But the holiday season does not have to break the bank. There are many ways to enjoy the gift giving season with your friends and family.

  1. Set up a gift exchange. Is there a certain group of people you always exchange gifts with? Instead of giving a present to each person, exchange names (in secret or not) and buy just one present for the person you picked. Usually, this means the price range is a bit higher, but you save money overall because your are not buying multiple presents.
  2. Gift giving does not always need to mean extravagance. Just the other day, a friend of mine told me a story about getting his neighbor a special type of sheet protector with black paper she had been searching for. It is inexpensive (about $10 for the box) and maybe not a traditional holiday gift, but I’m sure she loved it even more. Remember, it is not about the cost, but the thought of the gift given.
  3. Go low-key this year and bake something. There are thousands of easy recipes available that you could use to bake a batch or two for your favorite friends and neighbors. To make your baking creation even more special, package in a holiday tin with a bow. Print out an easy recipe from or and get baking!
  4. Forgo traditional gift giving and donate. Instead of exchanging any gifts with your friends, family, or co-workers, pool together your money and pick a charitable organization or two to donate to. Visit for a list of over 100 charitable organizations to donate to.

How do you plan to cut back on spending this year? Please share your cost cutting ways in the Comments section below.

I hope these tips help cut back on spending, while still enjoying the gift giving joy of the holiday season. Happy gift giving!

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5 Responses to “The Holidays on a Budget”

  1. Is a sheet protector with black paper inside a perfect gift? « Sir Lancelot du Lac’s Weblog Says:

    […] a perfect gift? By sirlancelotdulac I was reading the C-Line Products Blog and saw a post on holidays on a budget.  In it they mentioned giving sheet protectors as a gift.  I wonder if the post was in reference […]

  2. lindsay Says:

    Yes, your gift was the inspiration for my blog post. Thanks for the idea!

  3. JC Says:

    I like the idea of giving my bride a C-Line neon green shop ticket holder as an inexpensive gift for Christmas. Instead of inserting the “To Do” Sheet that is offered on C-Line’s website, I will substitute my own “Naughty & Nice Things To Do” version instead! As far as the neon red shop ticket holder, it’s perfect for families with children to leave by the chimney for Santa to take a look at whatever list is left inside to make sure good boys and girls are getting what they should when the old boy arrives on the scene. It must be confusing for Santa to keep up with all that stuff. Another good thing about these holders is you can use low odor dry erase markers to change your lists each day if you want.

  4. paulchasnoff Says:

    That’s a great idea. The red neon shop ticket holders and green neon shop ticket holders will work perfectly for Christmas!

  5. lorie Says:

    Well said, finally a good report on this stuff

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