The job ticket holder is a great coaching tool

Lately, I’ve told you about uses for C-Line products outside of this office, and this week I’m bringing you another use – coaching.  Yes, the products can be used for coaching sports. Which product you ask? The job ticket holder is great for keeping your roster, lineup, play diagrams and rule sheets clean and safe during any game or practice session.

Job ticket holder makes a great portable dry erase board for coaches
A job ticket holder isn’t just for an industrial setting. It can be the perfect tool for coaches during the game or practices.

The durable and clear-on-both-sides vinyl holder allows you to see the information you need, while ensuring that it will stay tear-, wrinkle-, and even dirt-free. Since they are primarily made for an industrial environment, that they extremely tough and will hold up, even when inclement weather moves in. Keep your roster on one side and a play sheet on the other, and easily flip back and forth to whichever side you need at that moment.

And one bonus of storing your coaching papers in a job ticket holder – the ability to write on and wipe off. The pocket doubles as a dry erase board, so during halftime or timeouts, you can diagram a play; just write on the holder, then wipe off for the next time.

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