The Number One Reason Why Self-Adhesive Business Card Holders are Cool

You all have been to networking events. Or if not that, then to formal conferences where people introduce themselves. Often these places use a self-stick name tag. There is nothing wrong with self-adhesive name tags. One of C-Line’s original products is the Hello My Name Is self-adhesive badge, created back in 1959, which just celebrated its 60th anniversary and is still widely used. However, you know from using these badges that they typically don’t have much information on them. Usually the person’s name and sometimes their company.

This can be a great place to start a conversation. But at these events, you may have a limited amount of time to speak with people. Maybe you want or need to speak to the people in marketing or engineering. The only way to know who these people are and what kind of work they do is to request their business cards. Then you must exchange yours. It takes a lot of time to ask questions, request a card, give a card, then scan their card for pertinent information. More time than you may have.

What if there was an easier way?

There is.

Use the C-Line Self-Adhesive Business Card Holder as a name badge.

So, the number one reason why self-adhesive business card holders are cool is because they can also be used as name badges! Just be careful not to use this product on a delicate fabric as it could leave a residue when you remove it.

Instead of using one of those generic name badges, to stand out from the crowd, put your business card inside this holder, and use it as a name badge. Everyone who meets you will know instantly what you do and for which company. You can also put a few business cards in the holder to hand out.

The cardholders adhere well to clothing and often stay on better than the self-adhesive badges at these events. They represent you and your company well and are more attractively than a Plain-Jain white name badge. Also, based on my use, they adhere to clothing even after removing them 6-8 times. How many paper badges can do that?

Why not buy a bunch today and bring them with to conferences or events that require a name badge? Self-Adhesive Business Card Holders come in both side loading and top loading.

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