Think Outside of the Storage Box

There are often small items such as paper clips, pens and other office supplies that office workers and teachers uses daily. However, it seems like they are hardest to find when we most need them even after placing them in storage bags. What if I told you that you can find and store all small items in one place? C-Line’s Storage Box will do the trick.

When it comes to organization, there is no set rules. There are no limitations on how to store materials. For this reason, think outside the “box” and organize your items however you would like to make it easy to locate them.

C-Line's Storage Box The large bottom compartment is not only ideal for office and school supplies, but also other conventional items such as thread and strings.

With the three compartments, the box not only provides strength, but also is a decent size to fit other conventional items like pins, bolts and any anything that can be lost easily. Worried that the Storage Box will end up cluttered? Use small Write-On Poly Bags, label them to organize all your pieces and have everything in one box for easy accessibility.

C-Line's Storage Box The two compartments in the lid can hold smaller items.

The quality Storage Box are made of durable plastic that will protect materials stored inside from dings and nicks. With C-Line’s heavy-duty Storage Box, trust that your materials will be kept safe and secure.

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