Think Outside the Box with Self-Adhesive Holders

Sure, there are always the obvious uses for office products. Project folders are meant to hold your ongoing project information. Sheet protectors protect pages for presentations or reports. Expanding files store numerous types of information, and so on.

I find that the beauty of office products lies in their ability to be used in a variety of capacities. Beyond the obvious purpose of the product, there are underlying benefits that make them a valuable thing to have.

Take C-Line’s Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pockets, for example.

Although there are various sizes of the pockets, ranging from 2 x 3 ½ to 9 x 12, their general purpose is to allow for users to personalize and identify various items.

The smallest self-adhesive vinyl holder is typically used for storage of business cards in order to attach it to proposals and presentations without the use of staples. It is recommended that the other sizes be used for storing instructions or service records on office equipment.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pockets

The index card fits perfectly in the 5 x 8 Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pocket, and it securely attaches to any flat surface.

I believe that these holders have the ability to simplify life outside of the office.

With the holidays looming, like many others, I am beginning to go through various boxes and containers to see what decorations I have. Since the boxes have been used repeatedly, it is hard to know what labels are accurate, which makes the whole process more difficult.

This is one of many occasions where the self-adhesive pockets would be a huge help. The information stored in the pocket can be updated annually making it much easier to identify what exactly is in each box without having to go through everything.

I decided to make labels out of index cards. This saves on cutting or printing of paper, and the card will easily fit into the 5 x 8 sized pockets. The adhesive vinyl will adhere to any flat surface, so it will work with boxes or other storage options. Since it is made up of heavy vinyl with non-rip seams, it should remain intact so it can be reused in the future.

Not only does this approach seem hassle-free, but it will eliminate a lot of additional work in the future.

Have you used traditional office products at home? Comment below, and let us know.

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