Three-Hole Punch Folders Help Organize Binders Better!

I use binders for almost everything. At work, I use binders to organize large trade shows, new product information and more. Using binder accessories such as sheet protectors, index dividers and three-hole punched portfolios help organize information and keep documents protected.

In the past, I typically used sheet protectors to help preserve pages and provide a more secure location for documents to be stored to ensure that they don’t fall out of the binder. My only issue was that storing documents in sheet protectors did not allow me to make notes or write directly on the pages. Instead, I seemed to be pulling pages in and out of the sheet protectors all the time.

Now that C-Line has added the three-hole punch poly portfolios, I am able to change up how I organize my binders to make it more efficient.

C-Line's Two-Pocket Heavyweight Poly Portfolio Folder with Three-Hole PunchI stored all of our trade show forms within this Two-Pocket Poly Portfolio, so I could access the pages and notes as needed.

Sheet protectors are now being used to store things like contracts, order forms, etc. Typically, if a document is in a sheet protector, I will only need to reference that page, so there is no need to remove it from the holder.

The two-pocket portfolio will be used to store things like meeting notes, trade show order forms and project to-do lists. These are examples of documents that will require me to make notes and check off the tasks that have been completed. It makes more sense to store them in the folder to avoid constantly removing it from the sheet protector.

The heavyweight polypropylene materials that the folders are made from provide extra protection for documents. The three-hole punched edge ensures that the folder can be placed directly in any standard 3-ring binder. Additionally, the cut-outs located at the top and bottom of the portfolio keeps it from getting caught on the binder’s open-close mechanism.

Available in all the same primary colors as the Two-Pocket Portfolio, the folder works to serve the same purpose, just in a different location. I think this product works for anyone who likes to use binders, especially students.

Students would be able to store homework and worksheets in this folder. Since many assignments need to be turned in to the teacher for grading, the student could use the portfolio to store these documents. Placing a folder in your Science binder, for example, will help to keep everything together for that class, ensuring that no information will be lost.

School, home or at the office, the Two-Pocket Poly Portfolio with Three-Hole Punch is a great option to combine with your binders! Share with us what your thoughts are on this folder below.

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