Tip of the Month: Add Comfort to Your Desk Chair at Work

Grade school teachers often find themselves on their feet for the greater part of the school day. The combination of teaching in front of the class to walking from one desk to another assisting students, can really wear a teacher down. With C-Line’s Chair and Stool Cushion, teachers can look forward to sitting in comfort during their breaks throughout the day.

The 17-1/2” x 18” size provides both convenient portability and adaptability to a variety of chair sizes and shapes. There are no attachments to secure the cushion to a seat, so the padding can easily be transferred from one workplace to another, if needed.

C-Line Products Chair and Stool CushionThe Chair and Stool Cushion provides extra support and comfort to the desk chair.

The brown, reversible design allows teachers to choose the side most comfortable to them based on the time of year. These foam-filled seat cushions have a rattan top for cooling in the summer and a corduroy bottom for warmth in the winter.

With instructors working various months throughout the year, this is the ideal chair cushion to keep comfortable year round. Whether it’s the classroom, office or at home, C-Line’s Chair and Stool Cushion is a must-have for any workspace.

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