Tip of the Month: Binder Pockets + Portfolios = Uber Organized!

When it comes to event planning, preparation is essential to making sure everything runs smoothly. Although unexpected issues can arise, being organized can help to elevate any stress.

Whether coordinating a corporate event for 500 people or planning your son’s graduation party, paperwork will inevitably pile up and keeping the documents organized is key to staying prepped for the occasion.

What is our suggestion at C-Line? Stay organized by combining the use of our popular Poly Portfolios with Prongs with our new Binder Pockets with Tabs in order to create your very own event planning, on-the-go organizer.

C-Line's Binder Pockets with Tabs

If it was up to us, here is how we would create the organizer:

  1. Attach the prepunched binder pockets into the prongs and secure.
  2. Since there are 5 binder pockets in a set, divide the documents into 5 major categories and label the tabs. (Example: Entertainment, Invitations, Menu, RSVPs and Receipts)
  3. Throughout the planning process, place paperwork inside the pockets and secure with the tuck-in flap.
  4. Use the pockets on the portfolio for storing things like a To-Do List or other miscellaneous items.

Binder pockets help to increase the storage space inside the portfolio without taking up space inside the existing portfolio pockets. Documents stored inside will remain secure and protected. Using this organizer makes it much easier to transport documents without carrying a large, bulky storage case.

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