Tip of the Month: Crowd Control with Security Wristbands

Are you part of a fast-growing company?  If you’re looking at this blog chances are high! Almost every fast-growing company can benefit greatly from more networking opportunities among co-workers internally, and with customers or clients.  Networking events require planning. Luckily, C-Line’s DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands helps solve many potential issues for networking events. 

C-Line's DuPont Tyvek Security WristbandsThe wristbands are 3/4 wide x 10 long.

Whether you’re in a banquet hall, at a Karaoke bar or tailgating for your home team, use these security wristbands as security for your people.  It will help others know who is with the company without the need for nametags. They also come in a variety of colors, meaning different functional groups or departments can each have their own color wristband. 

The wristbands are single use and easy to use!  They are both waterproof and sequentially numbered.  Simply peel off the adhesive liner and wrap it around your wrist.  They are available in a variety of color – blue, purple, yellow, green, orange and red.

They are not only good for networking events, but also great for when teachers going on field trips, moms planning large family reunions, or a big party in a public space.  DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands are the answer for you if you are trying to plan an event with a large crowd!  Get yours today!

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