Tip of the Month: Identify Photo Albums with Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders

Whether you’re a professional photographer, avid traveler or just love taking pictures, odds are you have a lot of photo albums to store all your pictures. It can be difficult to recognize a particular album without having some type of identifier specific to it. With C-Line’s Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders, label albums accordingly for easy identification.

Self-Adhesive Photo Holders

The label holders give each binder their own custom identification.

Made for 2” to 3” binders, attach the label holders on the spine of the binder to clearly display the label inside identifying the contents of the binder. Each holder includes card stock inserts, which can either be hand written on or printed on with a label maker for quick customization.

Assisting in organization, you can now designate each binder to a specific vacation or collection of photos. Keep book shelves at your office, work space or home organized, allowing for faster retrieval of pictures or albums. Spend less time searching for binders by keeping your collection of albums orderly in a way that is most efficient for you.

Let us know in the comments below how you use C-Line’s Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders!

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