Tip of the Month: Maximize on Space with Book Trays

Although it might seem like just about everything is going electronic, some professions still rely on hard copies of materials. In particular, teachers are often required to reference old material and keep copies of textbooks or workbooks.

Book storage can be cumbersome, especially when trying to create space that you may not have inside a classroom. Avoid awkwardly stacking materials by keeping books organized. C-Line has an item that instantly creates storage space just about anywhere.

The Book Tray is a free-standing unit that can help organize reference material instantly. Place the tray on top of your desk or a filing cabinet to create an area to display textbooks without taking up additional space with a new book shelf.

C-Line's Book TrayInstead of stacking books, display them with C-Line’s Book Tray!

Use the Book Tray to also create a makeshift library for students to use. Keeping space restrictions in mind, the tray can be placed on basically any flat surface to make it easier for children to look through the books and select the one they need.

Use the adjustable, chrome supports to keep everything upright. The Book Tray is a great tool to use to create storage in sometimes wasted space without investing in additional furniture.

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