Tip of the Month: Organizing Documents in Rough “Office” Environments

At C-Line, we try to offer ways for you to get organized at home and at the office. For some individuals, their office may be in a factory or other industrial setting. Protecting paperwork is important in these environments because documents are even more at risk to be damaged.

Even though a factory may not be a typical office setting, employees still handle paperwork and important documents that need to be protected from the conditions of an industrial setting. When it comes to document protection, C-Line’s Shop Ticket Holders are often the only route to take to ensure pages do not get damaged.

One of our most popular shop ticket holders is the Stitched 9” x 12” Shop Ticket Holder. Clear on both sides, this super heavyweight vinyl holder has the ability to display two documents at one time. The stitched, black edging provides an extra level of durability to make the holder suitable for industrial settings.

Curious on how these holders can be utilized? Here are some popular uses our customers have shared with us.
Inventory Control: Holders hang on factory shelving by using the metal eyelet at the top. Inside the holders are documents identifying the type of product stored on each the shelves.
Work Order Storage: Mechanics organize work orders inside the holders to protect the paperwork from dirt.
Machine Operation Tips: Documents are created to identify best practices on how to operate machines. The shop ticket holders store the letter-size pages inside and display the information to the employee.

C-Line's Stitched Shop Ticket HolderUse the eyelet on the top of the holder to secure it to warehouse racking as seen here.

Are you familiar with this product? Share with us how you used it!

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