Tip of the Month: Prep for Tax Time Throughout the Year

When it comes to tax season, I often find that half the battle is the preparation that occurs prior to meeting with your accountant. Searching for end of the year statements, donation receipts and more can be a time consuming task.

To avoid this last minute scramble, C-Line has a product that allows you to organize documents throughout the year without taking much time to file the paperwork.

The 21-Pocket Stand-Up Expanding File can be placed on top of a desk or filing cabinet and instantly creates a tax time organization system. The poly file is legal size so documents up to 8-1/2” x 14” will be able to fit inside.

Split important documents up into 21 different categories. All dividers have pre-printed, length-wise tabs to help identify how the file is organized. If the labels don’t work for you, customize the file by creating your own label using the write-on area on the tab.

As the documents pile up, the file expands up to 12” to accommodate. When it is time to meet with the accountant next year, simply bring this expanding file to the meeting to ensure you have everything needed.

C-Line's 21-Pocket Stand-Up Design Expanding FileThe black stand-up file has 21 pockets with labeled dividers to help organize documents and paperwork all year long.

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