Tip of the Month: Prepping for “Syllabus Week”

The start of August marks the beginning of back to school preparation for teachers, parents and students.

Older kids refer to the first week of school as “Syllabus Week” since majority of teachers review the course guidelines, rules and important dates. Being prepared for this week can set the stage for success for the rest of the semester. C-Line has the perfect tool that needs to accompany every student.

The 10-Pocket Poly Portfolio is a multi-functional, spiral bound folder that enables students to organize documents while on-the-go. There are five tabs in total with each one having two pockets available for 8-1/2 x 11 document storage.

Avoid gathering documents throughout the day and organizing at a later time. Instead, assign each write-on tab to a course and label appropriately. Then, once you visit the class, place the syllabus, contact information and any other documents you receive inside the pocket.

After the first week, the portfolio can act as your primary source for course information and deadlines. Storing all of that vital information in one place for all classes makes it much easier to reference at a later point in the semester.

C-Line's 10-Pocket Poly Portfolio with Write-on TabsSee how this multi-functional poly portfolio can be organized for your first day at school.

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