Tip of the Month: Project Folders a Must-Have Household Item

Being an organized individual does not just happen overnight. Instead, it often takes preparation and thought to ensure that paperwork is filed appropriately, information is safely stored and that documents are accessible when necessary.

Creating your own organizational process is the first step, but it takes work to be able to maintain the system and keep documents in order. Keeping one of C-Line’s most simplistic yet valuable items on-hand will help you stay organized throughout the year.

C-Line's Project Folders, AssortedThe folders keep documents accessible since the file is open on two sides.

Made from heavyweight polypropylene, the Project Folders are unique file holders that come in an assortment of five different colors. The variety of colors allows individuals to use that feature to help organize files. For examples, unpaid bills are stored in the red folder, while paid invoices go in the green holders.

The folders are transparent allowing individuals to see the front page to help identify what is stored inside. Closed on two sides, the thumb-cut front makes it easy to sort through documents placed inside the folder without removing them.

Use these letter-size holders to store all documents that are found within the household. Everything from recipes to bills, emergency information to family schedules, these project folders are a must-have item to have at home to ensure you remain organized throughout the year.

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