Tip of the Month: Reorganize Your Workplace with the Mini Binder Kit

I have a co-worker, let’s call her Lily, who is very diligent about taking notes. She is constantly taking notes about various things throughout her workday. Notes are taken on everything from sticky notes to scratch paper in an effort to jot down information to ensure it is not forgotten.

I proposed that Lily reorganizes her system of note taking by creating a compact and central location to store all of these random notes that relate to important information. The Mini Size Binder Starter Kit is the perfect tool to use in this situation.

C-Line's Mini Size Binder Starter KitTake a look at all the components that come with the Mini Binder Starter Kit.

Here is how I suggested that Lily utilize each component in this kit:

  • 5-Tab Dividers with Pockets: Create categories to sort the note information into. Make them as general as possible to encompass a variety of topics. Example categories include: Projects, Training, Meetings, Customer Portals and C-Line Systems.
  • Filler Paper: Split the paper evenly among the dividers and use the college-ruled paper to record information. Simply include the date and the topic to make it easy to reference.
  • Binder Pocket: Use the pocket to store miscellaneous sticky notes. The gusset expands as more things are stored inside and the hook and loop closure keeps them secure.
  • Three-Ring Binder: Perfect central place to store notes, while also being light-weight and compact. Use the inside pocket to store extra scratch paper, if needed.

Create your very own note taking storage place in a matter of minutes by using the all-in-one Mini Binder Kit!

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