Tip of the Month: Security Wristbands are Not Just for Security

Whether you’ve got a VIP ticket to your favorite concert or bought the “All-You-Can Ride” pass at a carnival, odds are you received a security band to identify who you are. C-Line’s DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands have a strong peel-off adhesive liner providing a secure fit when attached to the other side of the wristband, making it perfect for visitor and crowd control.

This product can be used for more than security purposes. One unique way to utilize the Tyvek Wristband is to attach it to a child’s backpack to help identify it from other students.

Let’s take my co-workers 2nd grade son Michael, for example.  Michael’s mother was getting annoyed because she kept finding his classmate’s homework in his bag. What Michael failed to realize was his classmate, Joey, had an identical backpack.

C-Line's DuPont Tyvek Security WristbandThe security wristband loops securely around the front handle of the backpack, identifying whose bag it is.

Once Michael’s mother heard about the dilemma, she had an immediate solution: DuPont Tyvek Security Wristbands! After attaching the product to his backpack, there was no more confusion about whose bag it was. Michael wrote his name directly on the yellow band to help clearly identify his belongings.

Whether you’re going backstage to meet your favorite musician, labeling household items, or trying to keep track of your children on a field trip, the DuPont Tyvek Security wristbands will get the job done. This strong, durable product promises to be efficient and effective with any application you use it for.

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